The stylistic diversification of Tatiana Varlamova painting is not in the least surprising. In this particular case it is not a drawback, but the peculiarity of the artistic method of the painter, who is interested in the problems of the painting technique to the same extent as in the fleeting of feelings human nature.

Tatiana Varlamova is a real he-painter, but not a she-painter, though (luckily) in her painting there is a subtle source of femininity, which gives to her canvases not only the shade of a particular softness, clearness of glance, life, but also deep personal depiction of her inner world.

Three topics prevail in her works - painting of flowers (and fruits of land in general), architecture and landscape. And if Tatiana Varlamova gives nearly gobelin refinement to her flowers, then her still lives, say, with pomegranates or with walnuts carry in themselves if not vivid dramatic collisions, then quite perceptible presence of a human aura.

"Forgotten Country Estate” by Tatiana Varlamova (in this connection we can mention her “Peterburg Baroque”) are so filled with a light nostalgic feeling, that it seems the ghosts of the former dwellers will just appear like phantoms of Borisov-Musatov.

The experience of absolute silence in coming winter dusk and indeed universal spiritual dissipation shows that the painter Tatiana Varlamova is a nice psychologist. And if we estimate this composition under the classical scale of Russian landscape, there is much more poetry, than prose in it, like in all works by this gifted artist.

Mikhail Lazarev

Little about yourself

Tatiana Varlamova

Born in Belorechensk. I live and work in Moscow.
1969г. She graduated from the Moscow Secondary Surykov Art School.
1974г. She graduated from the Moscow Higher Institute of Fine and IndustrialArt (Stroganovskoe).
1977-1990г. She worked the All-Union decorating Combine «Soyuzprodoforlenie» graphic artist.
1994г. Instated as a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Lauriateof the «Golden Brush» contest.Moscow.
2007г. Legal International Federation of Artists.
2011г. Member correspondent of International Academy of Art and Culture.